10 Juicing Facts and Myths You Should Know

10 Juicing Facts And Myths You Should Know

Do you know that 95% of the vitamins and enzymes in our body has to originate by the extract of raw fruits and vegetables? Well, if you guys were not aware of it, then here are some 10 Juicing Facts and Myths You Should Know.

Most people are not aware of the benefits of juices as juicing is famous worldwide. However, there are tons of myth exist in large numbers about health and benefits. Usually, juicing is a process through which juice gets extracted from fresh fruits and vegetables.

But while juicing them, a fiber-rich pulp and skin of the fruit and vegetable will get discarded. So have a look at the myths and facts of juicing down below!

Myth: Juice Doesn’t Have Fiber

Fact: Since juices contain a lot of soluble fiber, which soaks glucose and cholesterol, then lowers the amounts of glucose and cholesterol in your bloodstream. Usually, these soluble fibers take water, by which stool gets bulked, making the bowel movements smooth.

10 Juicing Facts And Myths You Should Know

1. Myth: Fruits and Vegetable Smoothie is Healthful Than Eating Whole Fruits and Vegetables

Fact: Most people believe that having a smoothie of fruits and veggies will be healthy. But taking whole fruits and veggies is healthy because it breaks down a fiber-rich in the digestive and intestinal tract, which will be beneficial for our health. So from now on, eat your fruits and vegetables instead of making juice or a smoothie.

10 Juicing Facts and Myths You Should Know

2. Myth: Juices Has a More Sugar

Fact: Yeah, some fruits contain sugar so while juicing them, there will be a lot of fruit sugar. However, most of the expert says that while juicing a ratio of 80% vegetable to 20% fruit will add sweetness with sugar. So those are the three benefits which we get in green veggies.

3. Myth: We Cannot Detoxify on Juice

Fact: Well this myth is partially true! Some vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, kale, cabbages, radishes, and Brussels sprouts have phytonutrients which increase enzyme in the liver. So the liver will do detoxifying, and we usually detoxify every day. Thus, adding more phytonutrients from juicing to your diet will certainly help.

4. Myth: Juice Clean as well as Help in Weight Loss.

Fact: Most of the time, weight loss occurs due to a few calories than you burn. So if you take 1200-1400 calories of juice every day for a cleanse then, you have to intake 1700 calories. Then, you will lose weight but, it is similar to a crash diet and any weight loss which will be merely for short term. Once you start on your usual diet then, you will put on any kilos you have lost.

Furthermore, relying on a juice diet will be nutritionally unbalanced because there will be not enough fiber, protein and other nutrients. Hence, it will cause a loss of muscle mass and food cravings and some health problems like high blood sugar as well. Thus, please take juice as a balanced diet which will cut down overall calorie intake to lose weight healthily.

5. Myth: Juicing Don’t Have Health Benefits

Fact: Most people might think that juicing has no health benefits. But according to the research studies drinking vegetable juices is good and gives many health benefits too. Moreover, vegetables like spinach and kale will be safe for patients on blood-clotting medication, and beet juice helps manage hypertension.

6. Myth: Does Our Body Absorb Nutrients From Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juice From Fiber-Rich Whole Fruits and Vegetables.

Fact: As for this myth well, there is no scientific evidence to support it. A human digestive system is mainly designed to extract nutrients from different foods and rich in fiber. Indeed fiber is an essential function for the digestive, excretory systems and gut health.

nutrients from fresh fruit and vegetable juice

7. Myth: Juice Don’t Have Protein In It

Fact: If you want to have protein juice, you can add protein sources like hemp seeds, chia seeds, or protein powder. Thus, these will boost of protein.

8. Myth: Juice Diets are a Fad

Fact: Well, this myth may seem to be true in some cases. In1980’s people have noticed that the lasting health benefits of increasing plant food intake have prevented disease, boost energy and improve overall health and wellness. According to the research, Carrot juice has decreased the damage white blood cell DNA damage in smokers.

9. Myth: Juice Has High Risk of Containing Bacteria

Fact: If you make juice at your home then, the juice will not be contaminated with bacteria. But it gets bacterial on the manufactured form of juice. So do wash your hands before making juice and wash the vegetables too whenever you put it into the juicer.

Furthermore, according to the reports of contaminated bottled juice and produce is dangerous for pregnant women, children, and people with the compromised immune system.

As I have already mentioned, washing hands and veggies at home, remember you are one to control the cleanliness of your machine. Do make sure to drink the juice right away or store them in the fridge, not more than 72 hours.

10. Myth: Juicing Can Lose Your Hair

Fact: Well, this myth can be partly true for those who have an underlying medical condition like hypothyroidism. So before taking a juicing program, you can talk with your doctor first. Also, you have to ensure that juice has health-retaining nutrients like protein, zinc, and biotin.

In Conclusion

These are the 10 Juicing Facts and Myths that you should know. Whenever you go to the market to buy some fruits and vegetables always go for organic and chemical and pesticide-free foods.

Organic foods are much better than chemical and pesticide foods. It is strong and filled with yummy flavors and reduces utilization of toxins for making soil quality and shielding water features.

I hope you guys find the article helpful and informative in the time of need. So thanks for reading the article, guys. Do share it among your friends and families.

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