How Long Does Fresh Juice Last

How Long Does Fresh Juice Last?

Do you wish for a way of preserving fresh juices for weeks? Or Are you looking for the special ingredient that will keep the vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and the phytochemicals safe from degradation or a week?

As some of the days may turn being swamped by obligations that you forget to eat and you will grab the unhealthy foods you come across. But how to remedy for the hard hits on your calendars and how long can we enjoy fresh juices if we make them today as most of the time we ditch juices sold in stores, but every time question arises how to keep the fresh juices fresh and potent?

And how long does fresh juice last? Unfortunately, there are no such ingredients that can protect the integrity of fresh juice prolonging their shelf-life for long. One should drink it within 20 minutes but what if you need to store it, so to answer all these questions today I have uncovered the main factors affecting the shelf life of juices. So let’s go straight towards it!

Why The Time Limit?

As we all know that, fresh juices boost our immune system and enhance gut health. However, storing the juice for long renders it useless due to oxidation. I hope that you guys have noticed that how unpalatable and ugly a cut apple or avocado looks like after the few minutes exposure to the air.

How Long Does Fresh Juice Last?
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Thus, the same thing happens to fresh juices as you extract juices from fruits and vegetables it will expose to a larger surface area of the fruit or vegetable to oxidation which will destroy the nutritional value of the juice.

What Is Oxidation?

Oxidation means loss of electrons by a molecule and becomes high reactive such that it forms other types of molecules easily. The color changing in apples or avocados are the evidence of oxidation.

The oxidation enzyme reacts with phenolic compounds in fruits that form quinones which again react with proteins and the amino acids in the fruits causing discoloration and loss of nutrients as well. Similarly, it happens to juices and worse because the cell walls will break.

Buy Organic

There is no doubt about the organic fruits, all organic fruits and vegetables are better for use during raw juicing. While you store the juice made from organic fruits most of the nutritional value will be retained throughout.

Thus the same goes for buying organic produce not only for juicing but for other meals as well. It last longer than supermarket quality fruits and veggies.

Choose the Perfect Juicer

Centrifugal juicers produce a lot of friction and heat during the juicing process that will cause oxidation and affects the freshness of your juice, but the juice can still be stored, if made with a centrifugal juicer.

Choose the perfect juicer

However, centrifugal juicers may eliminate some of the nutritional value and juice will have a different taste as opposed to when it was freshly juiced. So make sure that you consume the juice it within two hours.

Some slow juicers or masticating juicers produces with no heat during the juicing process that means no oxidation takes place. In contrast to the centrifugal juicers, these juices potentially have a higher storage life and can store for periods not exceeding 24 hours. You don’t have to worry about the nutritional content it will retain most of its original value.

How to Store Your Juice?

Most of the time people store their juice in re-usable milk bottles or plastic containers which are not good at all as the plastic container will speed up the oxidation process of your juice.

How to Store Your Juice

So it is highly recommended to store your juice in glass containers like quilted canning glass jars and mason jars. Glass jars are able to seal tightly with specially designed lids which effectively slow down the oxidation process as well.

So whenever you make your fruits juice or vegetable juice always pour any unused juice into your glass containers. But make sure to fill it up as much as possible so, there is little space for air at the top and sealing the jars of the juice may spill over, it means there is almost no space for additional air. Once sealed, immediately place it in your refrigerator. So this was the some of the tips.

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