Can You Freeze Velveeta Cheese

Can You Freeze Velveeta Cheese

Maybe you went bonkers at your local supermarket when you came to know that the products were on sale. We all do, don’t we? Coming home with bags of both necessary and unnecessary stuff is a part of shopping.

But soon it hit you that you won’t be able to finish everything at once. Especially all the cheese, if you bought it in bulk. In that case, let’s talk about Velveeta cheese. Can Velveeta cheese be frozen?

You can freeze mascarpone and ricotta cheese. Along with cream and shredded cheese! So what about storing and freezing Velveeta cheese? The manufacturer might advise against it. But what are you going to do with all the extra cheese you ended up buying and then not using? Better to store it for later use rather than waste all that food and money.

So I did my research and found the perfect solution. Time to share what I found!

What’s Velveeta Cheese?

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If you’re unfamiliar with Velveeta cheese, you should read this section. Velveeta cheese, when compared to normal cheese, is smoother and softer. In fact, the texture differs from the other kinds of cheese as well.

When heated, it’s creamy, fully integrated, clump-free consistency is like no other. No wonder Velveeta cheese recipes revolve around appetizers, cheese crackers, and the like.

Can Velveeta Cheese Be Frozen?

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If yes, then why do manufacturers discourage you from freezing it? The answer is pretty straightforward. They simply want you to preserve the original quality of the cheese. When you freeze Velveeta cheese, the formation of crystals is inevitable. And these tend to make the texture grainy.

Another thing that takes form as a result of freezing is the separation of fat and water components. And this is how the cheese becomes lopsided in shape and mushy inconsistency.

So you need to know how to store Velveeta properly. Failing to follow the correct procedure makes the cheese hard and dry. So it becomes slightly difficult to use it. At such times, odor also plays an important role. As it can have a huge impact on quality.

The same rule applies to the thawing procedure. When thawed incorrectly, frozen cheese gathers moisture. And such action compromises the flavor of Velveeta. (Mold on cheese) Instead of freezing it, you can choose to refrigerate the cheese as well. But both methods require proper instructions. So let’s discuss the freezing technique below.

How To Freeze Velveeta Cheese?


These are the steps involved:

  • Eliminate the packaging provided by the manufacturer. Don’t ever freeze cheese with its original packaging. The material is not made for freezing.
  • Wrap the cheese using plastic wrap. Two layers are more effective in this case. They prevent the cheese from becoming dry and hard.
  • ​Then place this wrapped cheese inside an airtight, freezer-friendly container. You can also use freezer bags for the task.
  • ​Make sure to get rid of excess air from the container or bag. Before you seal it tightly.
  • And the last step is to place the Velveeta in your freezer. But not just anywhere in the freezer. Place it in the back for a cooler temperature. This gives better results.

How To Thaw Velveeta Cheese?

Can Velveeta cheese be frozen and how? Now that you know the answer to this question, it’s time to move on. Here’s the proper way of thawing frozen Velveeta cheese:

  • Remove the cheese from the freezer and place it in your freezer refrigerator. You can leave it there overnight. Around 7-8 hours in there are more than enough.
  • Then it’s time to heat the cheese. But before that, please remove the two layers of plastic wrapping.
  • For the purpose of heating in the microwave oven, cut the cheese into smaller blocks. Keep these blocks on top of the grilled/baked bowl. Use high power settings on the microwave.
  • ​Heating the cheese for five minutes gives you the best results.
  • ​Following which stir the Velveeta in order to combine the separated ingredients. Stirring also helps in removing lumps.
  • And that’s about it. Also, remember that you cannot refreeze this frozen and then thawed batch.

So now you know how to freeze and thaw Velveeta cheese. So what else is left to find out?

5 Things You Should Know About Velveeta Cheese

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If you think you know everything about Velveeta cheese, you’re wrong. And here are five reasons why.

1. Velveeta was Produced to Salvage Damaged Cheese Wheels

The creation of Velveeta was a result of fixing misshapen or broken cheese wheels. It didn’t take too long for the cheese company to discover that they could melt the scraps together. And bring in a byproduct such as whey until it achieved a velvety texture.

2. Kraft is Not the Company That Created Velveeta

Velveeta, when brought into existence, was an independent company. Until the food giant Kraft took over it. They were then already manufacturing their own processed cheese-based products.

3. Original Advertisers Claimed That Velveeta was Nutritious

Just because whey was a part of the mix, marketers chose to bank on it. They advertised that Velveeta was a nutritious and healthy choice. This worked like a charm for growing youngsters and mothers wanting to shed some weight.

4. Velveeta was Re-Branded to Avert Internal Competition

In the 1950s, Kraft came up with pre-sliced cheese. This is when they realized the need for damage control. So to prevent internal competition, Kraft rebranded Velveeta cheese. As a sauce and dip!

5. The Original Formula has Changed Completely

Velveeta used to be a result of pure cheese. But today, it’s mainly a combination of the following ingredients.

  • Fat
  • Milk
  • ​Concentrate of milk protein
  • ​Concentrate of whey protein
  • And preservatives, of course

That means it’s not pure cheese. No wonder Kraft was compelled to use “cheese product” and not “cheese spread” as the label.


The thing about Velveeta is that it’s a delightful companion when making all types of appetizers. Such as cheese dips, grilled sandwiches, casseroles, macaroni, salads, and more.

In that case, can Velveeta cheese be frozen? The answer is yes. But you need to freeze it properly. As long as you want to preserve Velveeta for cooking different recipes, freezing helps in extending its shelf life.

So I hope you found the article useful. Did you locate what you were looking for? You can drop in your feedback below. And if you have any other helpful tips to offer about freezing Velveeta or any other type of cheese, please do share. Thank you for reading, cheese lovers!

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