Best Indoor Thermometer Reviews

Best Indoor Thermometer – Pick The Best One For Your Home

Most homeowners consider indoor thermometers to be valuable possessions. They can be used to monitor the temperature in your home, to ensure it’s comfortable, or to check the efficiency of your heating system.

They can be used in greenhouses, hatcheries, and wine cellars, too. As indoor thermometers evolved over time, today’s models feature digital displays, hygrometer functions, and app connectivity, to name a few. They are as easy to use as conventional models and are perfect for modern smart home designs.

There are dozens of indoor thermometers on the market, but it can be challenging to choose the best one. Therefore, we did the research and found the most promising models for you. Are you wondering which ones made the cut? Here they are.

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Top 10 Best Indoor Thermometer Reviews

1. Humidity Gauge, 2 Pack Max Indoor Thermometer

Humidity Gauge, 2 Pack Max Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer Humidity Meter Temperature and Humidity Monitor with Dual Sensors for Bed Room, Pet Reptile, Plant, Greenhouse, Basement, Humidor, Guitar

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  • We understand your need to find the best indoor hygrometer thermometer for real-time humidity and temperature monitoring. It’s finally here! This improved 2-pack temperature and humidity gauge with reliable twin probe sensors is the finest option! Remove the guessing game from the air conditioning for good! Temperature range: -58°F to 158°F (-50°C to 70°C) and humidity range: 10% to 99% RH with 2°F and 5% RH accuracy
  • The finest assistant for measuring temperature and humidity properly and quickly is a superb indoor thermometer hygrometer. This improved digital hygrometer thermometer is more accurate and easier to use than analog and chemical thermometers. It has a separate humidity and temperature probe sensor, as well as 18 ultra-large sensitive vents that measure changes every 10 seconds in real time. On the huge LCD display, you can get a clear reading in a single glance!
  • This indoor thermometer is a must-have for sensitive individuals, animals, plants, and more to maintain the proper humidity and temperature levels. Too dry or too wet, too hot or too chilly are all undesirable conditions. This temperature and humidity meter is popular for usage in the bedroom, reptile terrariums, garden soil, greenhouses, warehouses, basements, closets, wine cellars, humidors, guitar rooms, and freezers.
  • It’s simple to use and set up. You can set it where you want it with the durable kickstand and twin magnets. The off/°C/°F switch allows you to choose between On and Off, Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. The CR2032 battery that comes with the kit is designed to last a long time. In addition, the humidity level indicator provides a rapid glimpse of the air state, indicating whether it is moist, acceptable, or dry. You deserve the best, so get the 2-pack value set!
  • As a dependable brand located in the United States, we provide you with a worry-free product service. Work isn’t going well? Please contact us for a complete refund! For years to come, you’ll be proud to use this fantastic product! #Note: 1. It is NOT waterproof; 2. If numbers are missing, turn it off, wait 10 seconds, then turn it back on; 3. It is NORMAL when two items exhibit a difference of 2°F and 5% RH, even if they are in the same location.


  • The screen on this improved temperature and humidity gauge is extremely large. In one glance, you can receive a clear reading.
  • 2.85 INCHES DISPLAY SIZE It’s time to take advantage of the ultra-large display!


  • Unlike single-probe devices, our product has DUAL PROBE sensors incorporated in.
  • The temperature and humidity probe sensors are operated independently, resulting in more precise readings.


  • The 18 ultra-large vents allow air to flow more quickly across the probe sensor, improving the temperature and humidity sensor’s sensitivity and accuracy.
  • The reading will normally refresh every 10 seconds.


  • WET: 70% relative humidity RH OK: 50% humidity, 70% relative humidity, and 68°F Temperature<78℉
  • DRY: Humidity is 50%. RH


  • You can stick this indoor thermometer on any iron-made surface thanks to the built-in dual magnet irons in the backpad.
  • Please do not leave it on a high-temperature pack for an extended period of time.


  • The sturdy kickstand is easy to set up on the desk.
  • It’s simple to place it where it belongs.
  • High-quality and long-lasting.


  • The fact that it can be turned on and off sets it apart from most other devices. It’s simple to switch it off to extend the battery’s life.
  • It’s simple to swap between Fahrenheit and Centigrade.

CR2032 BATTERY INCLUDED With the CR2032 battery included, you won’t need to run to the drugstore to get a replacement. Please do not submerge this hygrometer thermometer in water since it is not waterproof.

A excellent indoor thermometer hygrometer can help you precisely measure the temperature in C/F as well as the relative humidity in your home. It’s easy to know the exact temperature and humidity level with this improved room temperature and humidity gauge with DUAL top-class probe sensors.

Every 10 seconds, it will measure and update. The 18 ultra-large sensitive vents offer exceptional sensitivity and faultless performance. It’s time to get rid of the guessing game in this room!

Maintaining the proper humidity and temperature levels in an enclosure is critical for people who are sensitive. People’s noses will become dry if there isn’t enough humidity, and they will become easily unwell if there isn’t enough.

Keeping reptiles as pets necessitates a warm, moist, and healthy environment. You can put it in a living room, a bedroom, a reptile terrarium, a plants garden, a greenhouse, a basement, a warehouse, a closet, a wine cellar, a humidor, a guitar room, or a freezer.

2. SwitchBot Thermometer Hygrometer

SwitchBot Thermometer Hygrometer, Bluetooth Indoor Humidity Meter and Temperature Sensor with App Control, Large LCD Display, Notification Alerts, Data Storage Export, Remote Monitor for Home

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  • More Precise Readings: Our indoor thermometer has a Swiss-made sensor integrated in that provides more accurate temperature and humidity readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It reliably monitors the environment every 4 seconds, maintaining temperature precision of 0.4°C/0.7°F in the range of -20°C80°C (-4°F176°F) and humidity accuracy of 4 percent RH in the range of 099 percent RH.
  • With our large 3-inch display with bolded numbers, you can see your data even more clearly, making it easier to use your humidity meter to monitor temperature data throughout the day. Check the temperature and humidity level in your room using the bright thermometer and humidity level symbol on the screen.
  • Exportable Data – Our software allows you to quickly store and export your hygrometer data for the last 68 days, allowing you to better understand the temperature around you. The program can read data in real time and display the trend in easy-to-understand graphics.
  • When you’re within Bluetooth range (120m/394ft), you can always keep an eye on your digital hygrometer from anywhere in your house.
  • Use it wherever you want – Our thermometer can be used in a variety of settings, including wine cellars, greenhouses, kitchens, and more. It can also be affixed to walls, magnetic surfaces, or stood upright on tables at three different angles.

At SwitchBot, we understand how intimidating it might be to change your house into a “smart” one. This is why we want to keep things straightforward. With our products, you can change all of your existing household appliances into interactive, engaging, and intuitive devices in a matter of seconds while saving money. So, what do you have to lose? Make it easy on yourself.

The SwitchBot Thermometer Hygrometer Plus provides an even better way to keep track of the temperature and humidity levels in your environment. You’ll find it easier than ever to manage temperature with a 3-inch big display screen, faster data refresh rates, smart alarms, and easy emoji display icons.

You can now collect and analyze all of your temperature and humidity data and store it locally (up to 68 days worth of data) or in the cloud (unlimited data storage) with SwitchBot Hub Mini. You can also observe how data evolves over time in easy-to-understand graphs.

3. ThermoPro TP55 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Gauge

ThermoPro TP55 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Gauge with Large Touchscreen and Backlight Temperature Humidity Monitor

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  • Backlight & Touchscreen: Humidity meter with large, 4-inch-LCD display features backlight and touchscreen, making it easier to read in dim light conditions and allows for simple operation
  • High Accuracy: Features a high accuracy that is within ±1°F/°C and ±2%–3% relative humidity (RH), making this room thermometer indoor ideal for use in the living room, baby room, kitchen, greenhouse, guitar room, office and cellar
  • Responsive Readings: Humidity reader indicates current air conditions to help you implement proper humidity control that can help benefit your skin and alleviate allergies and other health problems
  • Max & Min Records: Digital thermometer indoor displays MAX & MIN humidity and temperature records and trends every 10 seconds, allowing you to adjust your thermostat or humidifier accordingly
  • Multiple Placement Options: Wall thermometer indoor features tabletop stand, wall mount and built-in magnet that allows it to be used in any type of room. Selectable Fahrenheit/Celsius display unit; Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • 58°F–158°F (-50°C–70°C) is the temperature range.
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.1 degrees Celsius/degrees Fahrenheit
  • 1 percent humidity resolution
  • The humidity ranges from 10% to 99%.
  • Dry, Comfortable, and Wet are the three comfort indicators.
  • If the humidity level is less than 30%, it’s time to dry.
  • If the humidity level is between 30% and 60%, it is considered comfortable.
  • If the humidity level is more than 60%, it’s time to get wet.

The ThermoPro TP55 thermometer for home use is equipped with professional-grade sensors and gives very accurate measurements, whether for indoor humidity or temperature, telling you if adjustments are required for your household.

This indoor thermometer and humidity gauge is not only accurate, but also very user-friendly, with a backlight that allows you to check the temperature at night before going to bed.

Touchscreen LCD Display

Touchscreen LCD Display Users can interact with a feature-rich LCD display by simply touching it. The illumination on this device switches off automatically after 15 seconds of inactivity to save battery consumption.

When the low battery icon appears, it means it’s time to change the batteries. Displays all-time/24-hour highs and lows for humidity and temperature, allowing you to spot trends as they develop.

Fast Refresh Rate & High Accuracy

Professional-level humidity sensor with 1°F/0.5°C accuracy and 2-3 percent relative humidity (RH). You’ll always be up to date with current conditions thanks to the 10-second refresh rate.

Indicator of Personal Comfort

The comfort indicator assists you in maintaining optimal humidity control in your house by alerting you when the humidity dips below 30% or rises above 60%.

4 LARGE “Easy-to-read LCD display

4 LARGE “The display’s illuminated digits make it easy to read from any angle and in any light condition.

Historical Data and Trend Indicators

Displays high and low humidity and temperature records, as well as trend indications, to alert you to any changes in your environment.

Various Positioning Options

Our indoor hygrometer comes with a tabletop stand, a wall mount, and a built-in magnet, allowing you to set it wherever is most convenient for you.

4. DOQAUS Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer

DOQAUS Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Gauge Room Thermometer with 5s Fast Refresh Accurate Temperature Humidity Monitor for Home, Bedroom, Baby Room, Office, Greenhouse, Cellar (Black)

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  • High Accuracy, Faster Refresh: The temperature is accurate to 1°F and the humidity is 5% RH, thanks to the built-in smart temperature humidity sensor. Every 5 seconds, get precise data from the room thermometer indoor.
  • DOQAUS digital thermometer for home comes with three different face symbols to represent air condition: DRY / COMFORT / WET. You may use the intelligent function to change the surroundings in real time.
  • The indoor thermometer displays real-time temperature and humidity readings in huge numbers on a 2.3-inch LCD screen, allowing you to keep track of the situation in your home at a glance.
  • Multiple Mounting Options: Hanging Hole, Tabletop Stand, and Magnet are the three mounting options available. The room thermometer can be attached to a variety of surfaces, including your baby’s room, greenhouse, humidor, cellar, incubator, and other spaces.
  • Easy to Use: A one-button °F/°C selection operation is created for your convenience when selecting the digital hygrometer unit in Celsius or Fahrenheit. If you have any questions, please contact us. 1 battery is used to power it (included).

The indoor thermometer has a built-in smart temperature humidity sensor that ensures optimal indoor humidity regulation. It can also be used as a refrigerator thermometer, a reptile thermometer, a soil thermometer, and a cigar hygrometer, among other things.

With a comfort level indicator in the form of a face, this humidity gauge will alert you to adjust your humidifier or dehumidifier accordingly, ensuring you always live in the most comfortable atmosphere.


This indoor hygrometer is constructed with 22 vents, guaranteeing that the present indoor humidity and temperature are monitored with accuracy to within 1°C and 23% RH, and that useful data is updated every 5s.


Based on the current ambient humidity, this indoor thermometer can compute the air comfort level and display it to you as a charming face icon. So you’ll know when it’s time to dehumidify or humidify.


The humidity sensor includes a large LCD panel with bold figures that are easy to read from any angle.


The table stand on the digital hygrometer allows you to place it on the table or anywhere else.


The back of this humidity meter has a hanging hole. So that the hygrometer might be hung on the wall with nails or hooklets.


The room thermometer has a back magnet and may be fastened to the refrigerator or other metal surface.

5. ThermoPro TP49 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer

ThermoPro TP49 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Meter Room Thermometer with Temperature and Humidity Monitor Mini Hygrometer Thermometer

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  • Humidity temperature gauge with face symbols to indicate DRY/COMFORT/WET air condition fast to alert you to adjust your humidifier or dehumidifier accordingly and ensure you live in the most comfortable environment possible.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor has a precision of 1 Fahrenheit/Celsius and 2 percent -3 percent, making it perfect for measuring fluctuating readings in a greenhouse.
  • Fast refresh: The digital indoor thermometer automatically refreshes every 10 seconds to bring you up to current on the latest temperature and humidity data.
  • Compact LCD display with large bold numbers: Thermometer indoor outdoor has a compact LCD display with large bold numbers that can be seen from any angle and distance; Choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Humidistat comes with three mounting options: tabletop stand, magnetic back, and hanging hole. Use the wall thermometer in your living room, infant room, kitchen, greenhouse, music room, workplace, or cellar.

TP49 is the ideal home thermometer for keeping your family’s living circumstances optimal, with extremely accurate readings and a wide measuring range. A face icon indicator on the room temperature monitor indicates the level of comfort, ensuring that you are always aware of changes in your home/household with just a quick glance. You may use the gadget as a baby room thermometer, desk thermometer, refrigerator thermometer, reptile thermometer, and more because it comes with several mounting choices.

High Accuracy and Quick Response

Every 10 seconds, the room thermometer and humidity gauge refreshes to keep you informed of the most recent air conditioning changes, allowing you to avoid discomfort. Inside thermometer with smart sensor has a temperature accuracy of 1°F/°C and a humidity accuracy of 2% to 3%.

Indicator of Personal Comfort

With a short glance at the comfort level symbol, you can always be informed of changes in your house. Now you know when to dehumidify and when to humidify!

Long-Lasting Battery

The indoor temperature and humidity sensor is powered by a single powerful and common 3A battery that lasts 18-24 months and is readily changed.

6. DOQAUS Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer

DOQAUS Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Gauge Room Thermometer with 5s Fast Refresh Accurate Temperature Humidity Monitor for Home, Bedroom, Baby Room, Office, Greenhouse, Cellar (Black)

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  • High Accuracy Faster Refresh: Built-in smart temperature humidity sensor, the temperature is accurate to ±1°F while humidity is ±5%RH. Enjoy precise data from the room thermometer indoor every 5 seconds.
  • Face icon Comfort Indicator: DOQAUS digital thermometer for home features 3 different face icons to indicate air condition – DRY / COMFORT / WET, Intelligent function allows you to adjust the environment in time.
  • Clear LCD Display Monitor: The indoor thermometer offers real-time temp/humidity reading with large numbers on a 2.3 inch LCD screen, keeping you aware of the house situation with just a glance.
  • Multiple Mounting Options: 3 mounting options – Hanging Hole / Tabletop Stand / Magnet Attaching, the room thermometer can be placed in multiple locations such as your baby room, greenhouse, humidor, cellar, and incubator or other areas.
  • Easy to Use: ONE button to select the digital hygrometer unit in Celsius or Fahrenheit, a one-button °F/°C selector operation designed for your convenience. Please contact us if you have any questions. Powered by 1 battery (included).

The indoor thermometer has a built-in smart temperature and humidity sensor to help maintain a comfortable home climate. It’s can also act used a refrigerator thermometer, reptile thermometer, dirt thermometer, cigar hygrometer, and more

With a face icon indicator to illustrate the comfort level, this humidity gauge will warn you to adjust your humidifier or dehumidifier accordingly and ensure you will always live in the most comfortable atmosphere.


This indoor hygrometer’s 22 vents ensure that the present humidity and temperature in the room can be monitored with a precision of 1°C and 23 percent relative humidity, and valuable data may be updated every 5s.


The air comfort level can be calculated using the current ambient humidity and displayed as a cute face icon on this indoor thermometer. So that you can know when to dehumidify or humidify.


The humidity sensor includes large LCD and clear bold numbers, you can more easily see the LCD screen from any angle.

7. 4 Pack Mini Digital Electronic Thermometer

4 Pack Mini Digital Electronic Thermometer Hygrometer, Indoor Thermometer, Hygrometer LCD Display Fahrenheit (Fahrenheit), Suitable for humidifiers, greenhouses, Gardens, basements

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  • The Mini Digital Humidity Thermometer allows you to quickly determine the temperature and humidity of the area around you.
  • Indoor use 2 in 1 meter with built-in probe; digital electronic thermometer and hygrometer for measuring temperature and humidity
  • Temperature measurement range: -58°F to 158°F; Humidity measurement range: 10% to 99% RH (Measures conditions every 10 seconds)
  • Temperature measurement precision: 2°F; humidity measurement precision: 5% RH
  • This thermometer has a Fahrenheit (°F) display and shows the temperature in Fahrenheit.

Our 4-Pack Mini Digital Humidity Thermometer allows you to easily know the environment temperature and humidity around you. This thermometer features a high precision sensor that can measure the temperature and humidity quickly, with an accuracy of 2 ℉ / 5%RH.

It is ideal for testing indoor environmental temperature and relative humidity, and moisture condition that may affect the life of electronic components. The multiple measurement features allow you to select what you want to display from Celsius, Fahrenheit and relative humidity.

The unit comes complete with batteries installed, so they are ready to go out of the box! Great for a variety of applications in your workshop, home kitchen, household or wherever humidity needs measuring!

8. Govee WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer

Govee WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer H5179, Smart Humidity Temperature Sensor with App Notification Alert, 2 Years Free Data Storage Export, Remote Monitor for Room Greenhouse Incubator Wine Cellar

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  • Smart Wi-Fi Control: Easily monitor temperature and humidity data in real time from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. You’ll have more possibilities to react to changes in your air quality if you have a reliable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection via the Govee Home app (not support 5G Wi-Fi).
  • This Wi-Fi thermometer is equipped with a Swiss-made sensor that offers exact readings. The temperature is accurate to 0.54°F/0.3°C, and the humidity is 3% RH. You can stay up to date by refreshing every 2 seconds. The widget function is now supported.
  • Set preset temperature and humidity limits and receive an app alert whenever levels go outside of that range, allowing you to react faster to unanticipated changes in your basement, greenhouse, and other areas. Only Bluetooth settings are supported.
  • When linked through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, our Wi-Fi temperature sensor feeds data to the App for free storage and export. Enjoy 20 days of free online data storage, as well as the ability to examine and export up to two years’ worth of data via clear historical trends and graphs.
  • Easy to Use: This room thermometer may be conveniently placed anyplace thanks to the lanyard loop. Contents of the package 1 – Wi-Fi Temperature Sensor by Govee, 1 x Lanyard Loop, 1 x User Manual

There are two ways to connect

With a solid Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, you can get real-time alerts and updates from anywhere (not support 5G Wi-Fi).


Temperature measurements are accurate to 0.54°F/0.3°C, and humidity is 3 percent RH, thanks to a Swiss-made sensor.

Function of a Widget

With the latest version of the Govee Home app, this Wi-Fi thermometer now supports widget functionality, allowing you to display data more clearly without having to open the app.

Refresh in 2 seconds

Every 2 seconds, you’ll be updated with useful information. Other goods with Swiss-made sensors have a refresh time that is faster than this.

Data Retention and Export

All for free! View 20 days of data and export up to 2 years of data! When updated, it automatically refreshes every 10, 30, or 60 minutes.

It can be placed anywhere

The lanyard loop string makes it easier than ever to place your Wi-Fi temperature sensor inside your favorite places.

9. Govee Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer

Govee Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer 2 Pack, Bluetooth Humidity Temperature Gauge with Large LCD Display, Notification Alert with Max Min Records, 2 Years Data Storage Export for Room Greenhouse, Black

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  • Simple to Use: Download the Govee Home app, search for and pick H5075, then pair the room temperature hygrometer in minutes. With a Bluetooth range of 196 feet/60 meters, you’ll be alerted to any temperature or humidity changes right away.
  • The temperature is accurate to 0.54°F, and the humidity is 3% RH, thanks to the built-in Swiss smart temperature humidity sensor. It enables extremely accurate monitoring. With a refresh rate of up to 2 seconds, you’ll always be up to date on the newest developments in the environment.
  • Huge LCD Display: The hygrometer provides real-time temperature/humidity readings with large numbers and max/min records on a 3 inch LCD screen, as well as three levels of comfort indicators (dry/comfort/wet), allowing you to keep track of the situation in your home at a glance.
  • When the temperature or humidity falls outside of the specified range, a smart app alert will be sent to you. It can assist you in making timely adjustments to the situation in your home, garage, baby nursery, room, wine cellar, basement, or other locations.
  • It comes with a free 20-day online data storage option. Recent temperature and humidity records are available to examine. The display of a curve graph provides you with a clear data-changing track. You can export the data from the last two years in CSV format at any time.

Prompt Warning

If the temperature or humidity falls outside of the predefined range, you will receive an alarm notification via the app.

Precision and accuracy

The temperature is accurate to 0.54 °F / 0.32 °C, and the humidity is 3% RH, thanks to the Swiss-made sensor.
You’ll always be up to current with readings thanks to the 2s responsive speed.

Data Retention and Export

You can export the most recent two years of data to CSV format at any time if you have two years of data storage – no membership plan is necessary. Providing you with a clear data-changing path.

LCD (liquid crystal display)

It displays current data, maximum/minimum temperature and humidity, and comfort level, allowing you to quickly assess your living conditions.

Coverage of 196 feet

The Bluetooth connectivity has a range of up to 60m / 196ft (no obstructions) and allows you to verify data on the app remotely at any time.

Thermo-hygrometer on the Go

You may hang the sensor anywhere you wish thanks to a hole on the backside. Alternatively, simply put it on your desktop.

10. Digital Electronic Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor Smart Thermometer

Digital Electronic Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor Smart Thermometer Temperature Humidity Gauge Sensor Meter Monitor for Bed Baby Room,Garden,Pet Reptile,Plant,Greenhouse Supplies,Basement,Closet,Patio

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  • Exceptionally precise readings The premium humidity sensor in the thermometer hygrometer provides precise thermometer hygrometer readings for both indoor and outdoor use at the same time; accurate to 1°F and 12 percent RH. This humidity gauge is more precise and straightforward to use. Temperature sensor includes independent humidity and temperature probe sensors, as well as 18 ultra-large sensitive vents and a humidity meter that measures changes in the weather every 10 seconds in real time.
  • Alerts from Smart Applications When the temperature or humidity exceeds the predefined range, you will receive smart thermometer notification warnings. A temperature gauge can assist you in making prompt and effective adjustments to the conditions in your wine cellar, greenhouse, basement, and other areas.
  • The thermometer indoor outdoor is great for usage at home, house, office, warehouse, greenhouse supply, living room, bedroom, cellar, factory, hospital, and perfect for infant children use.
  • ‘Easy to use,’ says the author. The hygrometer thermometer has an on/off/°C/°F switch, allowing you to choose on or off, degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit more flexibly. The CR2032 battery in the outdoor temperature thermometer is long-lasting. Furthermore, the humidistat provides a rapid picture of the air condition, whether moist or dry, allowing you to monitor the air quality around you.
  • Outside thermometer with several mounting options, integrated keyholes, suitable wall installation or folding stand for positioning on any flat surface, perfect desktop thermometer.

This Digital Electronic Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor Smart Thermometer is with large gray LCD screen display and big English button control, the humidity measuring range is: 20%-99%RH.

The accuracy of temperature is up to ±0.1℃ and the range of temperature is: -40℃~80℃ (32℉~176℉). It has simple design, easy to operate. The thermometer hygrometer features humidity sensor and separate probe for humidity and temperature and 18 ultra-large sensitive vents, a bimetal spring for relative accuracy, and a dial for setting temperature for high or low preset value. With all these attributes, this thermometer hygrometer will provide you the most accurate readings in your home, office or greenhouse.

A Complete Buying Guide On The Best Indoor Thermometer

Decide what’s important to you before you buy an indoor-outdoor thermometer. You obviously want to know the temperature, but you may also want to know the humidity level, depending on where you live. We tested thermometers with clock displays and models with weather forecasts.

Indoor/outdoor thermometers we reviewed originally had extra features that reduced their effectiveness, and the more features they had the worse they performed. In the new models, this is not the case. We tested a total of eight thermometers for this update, and found that all of them were accurate, with only two that were difficult to read.

We tested a variety of new thermometers with battery power and an optional electric adapter. The thermometer automatically illuminates the face of the thermometer when it is connected to electricity and the adapter is plugged in.

 The illumination continues to glow for 10 seconds after the adapter is unplugged, then turns off, just like your laptop, to save power. We tested all 4 new models below and listed their core features:

  1. Temperatures indoors and outdoors
  2. Clock
  3. LED display
  4. Temperatures: highs/lows
  5. Forecast prediction
  6. Level of humidity
  7. Barometric pressure
  • Barometric pressure

Air pressure in the earth’s atmosphere is measured by barometric pressure. By influencing air movement around the globe, air pressure influences the weather. When there is high pressure, there tends to be more sunshine, while when there is low pressure, there tends to be more clouds and precipitation.

Those living in sunny climates might not find this feature as appealing. We tested new models that had LED screens that included calculations for predicting weather in more volatile environments.

  • Remote sensor

Batteries should be installed in a protected shady area, such as a porch or under a roof eave, which will keep the sensor dry.

 Direct sunlight will heat the sensor if it is installed in a sunny area.

  • Range

During our tests, we found models that had receiving/transmission ranges of 200 – 330 feet. The range of the WiFi signal is adversely affected by walls and wireless signals, including those coming from cellular phones and Internet routers. It is likely that you will need to test several outdoor locations when first setting up your thermometer to find the best signal.

  • LED display

For both indoor and outdoor temperatures, all of the thermometers gave accurate readings and varied only by a couple of degrees. The best feature of this gadget is its bright and easy-to-read LED display.

When we reviewed outdoor thermometers, the LaCrosse Technology – WS-916OU-T was the only instrument that had a large and crisp LED display due to its backlighting and tilted stand.

There is a backstand on all new models, and they can all be tilted up and down. It was, however, the new LaCrosse Technology – C85845 that was the easiest to read due to its large numbers and color-coding that distinguished indoor from outdoor readings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Indoor Thermometer

1. How do I know if my indoor thermometer is accurate?

To ensure accuracy, always check the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific indoor thermometer model. Generally, you can test accuracy by comparing the indoor thermometer reading to the temperature reading of another thermometer (like a weather app on your phone) in the same room. If the two readings are significantly different, then your indoor thermometer may need to be calibrated.

2. Why is my indoor thermometer reading different than the outdoor thermometer?

There are a few reasons why your indoor thermometer might read differently than the outdoor thermometer. One reason could be that the indoor thermometer is located in a different part of the house than the outdoor thermometer, and therefore experiences different temperatures.

Additionally, the indoor thermometer may not be as accurate as the outdoor thermometer. Finally, keep in mind that indoor and outdoor temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day, so you may just be seeing a difference in temperature readings at different times of day.

3. How can I improve the accuracy of my indoor thermometer?

If you want to improve the accuracy of your indoor thermometer, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure that the thermometer is properly calibrated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

You can also try to locate the thermometer in a more stable environment inside your home, away from windows, doors, or vents where temperature changes might occur. Finally, avoid placing the thermometer in direct sunlight or near any other heat source.

4. My indoor thermometer is showing a negative temperature reading. What could be causing this?

If your indoor thermometer is showing a negative temperature reading, there are a few possible explanations. One possibility is that the thermometer is not properly calibrated.

Another possibility is that the thermometer is located in a cold spot inside your home, such as near an exterior door or window. Finally, keep in mind that indoor temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day, so the negative reading could simply be due to a temporary temperature drop.


Best Indoor thermometers have improved significantly in recent years since we last reviewed them.  This La Crosse Technology – C85845 is an excellent thermometer for weather enthusiasts who want accurate readings of temperature, humidity, and barometric-pressure.

This powerful receiver/transmitter can pick up signals over 300 feet away, has a large, bright and easy to read LED display, and has a powerful receiver/transmitter. Another great option is the AcuRite – 02077 color weather station. Despite being smaller, it has the same features and a more user-friendly interface as the La Crosse, as well as a robust sensor signal.

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