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Sugar rush ahead! It’s time for spring break, and it’s also Easter. What better way to celebrate than with hard candy? If you are looking for the best hard candy recipes, this blog post is just what you need.

There are so many different types of candies that can be made from scratch, so get your sugar on and start making some today. Let’s go over a few of our favorite couple-friendly recipes: Peeps hot cocoa mix in a jar recipe – you will be able to make this yummy treat without any cooking at home. All you have to do is add hot water and stir.

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Top 10 Best Hard Candy Reviews

1. Mexican Candy Mix Dulces Mexicanos

Mexican Candy Mix Dulces Mexicanos, Snack Food Gift Box Variety Pack (90 Count) Bulk Assortment of Spicy Sweet & Sour Mexicano Candies, Rockaleta Lollipop Luca Pelon Pulparindo Rellerindo, Prime

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  • THE MOST ORIGINAL MEXICAN CANDY Enjoy the best selection of classic Mexican candy with 90 individual bags of the most delectable and entertaining Mexican treats, like Pulparindo, Luca, Rellerindo, Pico Limon, Rockaleta Lollipop, and more!
  • A TRUELY Unusual GIFT: If you want to bring back childhood memories for a loved one, light up a party with unique and amusing snacks, or simply enjoy the most traditional dulces mexicanos, our Mexican Candy Mix is the perfect gift!
  • AS ENTERTAINING AS A MEXICAN FIESTA: Are you looking for some spicy Mexican candy? Sweet and sour yum yum yum yum yum yum Pineapple with a chili flavor? With a delightful tangy flavor, salt and lemon hot powder? Is it possible to make a candy that is hot, sweet, and sour all at once? They’re all in this mix!
  • THE PERFECT PIATA STUFFER: The goodies inside are conveniently packed in individual servings, making them ideal for piata stuffers (and also extremely quick to grab on the go!)
  • REMEMBER TO MAKE IT PERSONAL: Please remember to enter a personalized message in the “This is a gift” box in your basket or at checkout. You don’t want the receiver to receive such a wonderful gift and not realize it was you who gave it to them, do you?

Ensenada Candy Mix is filled with 90 individual packages of Mexican candy and treats. The mix contains your classic candies like chicharritas, dulces de leche candy balls, tamarind candy, caramel candy and rock candy, as well as some more modern or Mexican variations of your childhood favorites like the salty-sweet pulparindo, no hole rockaleta lollipop, the hot-sweet-tangy pineapple candy made popular by snack brand GoFit, chili flavored lemon candy, salt and lime powder dulce de leche, mango candies coated in chili powder, frutas con chile sabor a fresa (strawberries with a flavor reminiscent of jalapeno).

2. Claeys Old Fashioned Hard Candy Drops

Claeys Old Fashioned Hard Candy Drops, 6 Oz Raspberry, Green Apple and Wild Cherry Flavored Hard Candies Bulk Variety Pack, with Nosh Pack Mints, 6 Pack

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  • PACKAGE OF VALUE With two bags of each flavor: Raspberry, Green Apple, and Wild Cherry, you’ll get the most bang for your budget. Each bag holds 6 ounces of traditional candy.
  • MADE IN THE USA For an authentic flavor, old fashioned candy is created in the United States with high-quality ingredients.
  • EXCELLENT FOR PARTIES On the table, place a bowl of hard candy! The candies come in three colors: pink, red, and green, and they have a traditional flavor. Use at parties, in the office, or at the front desk.
  • CAN BE USED ALONE OR IN COMBINATION WITH OTHER CANDIES. It’s great alone or coupled with other hard candy flavors including lemon drops, cherry lifesavers, cough drop candy, sugar-free candy, and more. A pack of mints is included.
  • NOSH PACK is proudly owned and operated by Americans. To ensure the best taste, every candy is freshly made and individually wrapped. For additional delicious delights, check out our other Nosh Pack listings on Amazon!

NOSH PACK is a company that is proudly owned and operated by Americans. Our candy is made fresh and individually wrapped to ensure that the flavor remains as fresh as possible. If you’re looking for more sweet delights, check out our other Nosh Pack offerings on Amazon.

3. Werther’s Original Hard Caramel Candy

Werther's Original Hard Caramel Candy, 12 Oz Bag

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  • One 12 oz. bag of Werther’s Original Hard Caramels.
  • Melt smoothly in your mouth buttery sweet caramel candy.
  • Individually wrapped caramels perfect for sharing…or not.
  • Made with real butter and fresh cream, for a smooth taste that is one of a kind.
  • Werther’s Originals are available in a range of flavors and in hard, soft, and chewy varieties as well as sugar-free and caramel popcorn.

With Werther’s Original Caramel Hard Candies, you can indulge in a sweet delight. Their buttery sweetness lingers in your mouth after they’ve been chewed smoothly in your mouth.

Every piece of Werther’s Original is made with only the best ingredients, which are then combined with the same love and attention that our original candy maker, Gustav Nebel, put into each piece of candy he created. Made with real butter and fresh cream, this dessert has a distinct flavor all its own. Hard caramels from Werther’s Original in a 12 ounce bag

4. Brach’s Classic Favorites Hard Candy

Brach’s Classic Favorites Hard Candy | Valentine’s Day Candy Variety Pack | Individually Wrapped Assorted Candy Mix | Bulk Candy | 5 lb Bag

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  • SHARING TREAT: One (1) 5-pound bag of famous Brach’s hard candy snacks. Cinnamon Disks, Butterscotch Disks, Star Brites Spearmints, Star Brites Chocolate Mints, and Star Brites Peppermints are among the five delicious candy pleasures contained in each variety candy mix package. Perfect for sharing on Valentine’s Day at home, at work, or as Valentine’s party favors for youngsters.
  • CLASSIC CANDY: Brach’s hard candy pleasures provide the Valentine’s Day candy dish or candy bags a classic twist. On Valentine’s Day, each old-fashioned candy gives a delightful pleasure designed to make you experience a familiar affection.
  • FULL OF FLAVOR: Choose from spicy, delectable flavors like cinnamon, spearmint, and peppermint, or sweet, smooth ones like butterscotch or chocolate. This delectable, multi-tasting experience begs to be shared. Make your family and friends feel special this Valentine’s Day.
  • NEW MEMORIES, NOSTALGIC CANDY: Hard candy classics from Brach’s are nostalgic sweets that should be in every candy bag. Each individually wrapped candy may be combined to create a fun candy variety that will help you create new delicious Valentine’s Day memories.
  • Brach’s Classic Favorites Hard Candy bulk collection is a flavorful candy variety pack that adds nostalgia to your Valentine’s candy gift boxes, sure to make that special someone feel the love this Valentine’s Day.

Brach’s Classic Favorites Hard Candy selection is a deliciously sweet and spicy candy mix that is popular among candy enthusiasts who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a traditional manner by utilizing this old fashioned candy assortment.

This bag of assorted candy is a one-of-a-kind sugar pleasure that combines love and nostalgia together on Valentine’s Day for some old-fashioned candy fun. This bag of assorted candy includes: Brach’s hard candy alternatives will keep you going back for more because of the spicy and sweet combo they offer.

A fantastic, mouthwatering culinary experience that begs to be shared with friends, family, and coworkers alike. This hard candy is individually wrapped to ensure that each piece sparks a gorgeous and flavor-filled Christmas memory.

They are delicious to eat or to use as a Valentine’s Day sweet treat. They are the ideal Valentine’s Day candy purchase if you want to add a special touch to your Valentine’s Day gift giving this year.

Alternatively, you might construct your own Valentine’s Day bags for school presents, a party candy variety pack mix, or individual Valentine’s hard candy treats for a class candy exchange event.

This traditional hard candy mix has more than 600 candies in each 5-pound bag of candy, including Cinnamon Disks, Butterscotch Disks, Star Brites Spearmints, Star Brites Chocolate Mints, and Star Brites Peppermints, among other renowned hard sweets.

Because these sweets go a long way, one bag of Brachs candy is an outstanding value — there is enough to share, gift, and enjoy. Brach’s Classic Favorites Hard Candy will bring a classic touch to your Valentine’s Day celebrations — a scrumptious mix of favorites that will make every day feel like Valentine’s Day.

5. JOLLY RANCHER Assorted Fruit Flavored Hard Candy

JOLLY RANCHER Assorted Fruit Flavored Hard Candy, Individually Wrapped, 80 oz Bulk Bag (360 Pieces)

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  • This package contains one (1) 80-ounce bulk bag containing 360 pieces of JOLLY RANCHER Assorted Fruit Flavored Hard Candy.
  • It’s a long-lasting hard candy that’s convenient to take with you wherever you go: to work, on snack breaks, and back home at the end of the day.
  • Exceptionally fresh fruit-flavored hard candy that is individually wrapped for your convenience and maximum freshness until the last piece
  • Pride month, graduation and wedding season, fundraising activities, back to school preparation, 4th of July parties, birthday parties, Mother’s Day celebrations, and other special occasions are all made possible with this product.
  • The assortment includes original fruity tastes such as watermelon and green apple as well as cherry, grape, and blue raspberry, which are ideal for your best Valentine’s Day candy selections, as well as your best Christmas, Easter, and Halloween candy selections.

Long-Lasting, Bold Flavor
JOLLY RANCHER Sugar Free Hard Candy’s wild fruit flavor will send your taste buds into overdrive. These hard candies give a rush of deliciously fruity flavor that lasts all the way down to the last suck, making them a surefire way to brighten your day.

Make Your Favorite Desserts More Interesting
These candies are great for adding pop to your favorite dishes thanks to their brilliant, eye-catching colors and explosive fruit flavors. Crumble them up and sprinkle them on cookies, cakes, and other baked goods.

A Wide Range of Exciting Varieties
Whatever life throws to you, you’ll find a JOLLY RANCHER Hard Candy that’s just right. You’ll love the explosive, lip-smacking taste that has made these candies a favorite for decades, whether you’re indulging in the five original flavors, chewing on JOLLY RANCHER Bites, or trying out JOLLY RANCHER Misfits.

In one bag of hard candy, there’s a blend of five fruity favorites for the whole family? If you hadn’t heard about JOLLY RANCHER sweets, you wouldn’t have believed it was possible. Until it’s time for a new bag, this 360-piece bag of individually wrapped fruit-flavored hard candy will keep each delightful piece fresh.

JOLLY RANCHER original hard candy comes in blue raspberry, green apple, cherry, grape, and watermelon flavors, combining the indisputable classics you know and love. Carry this handy bulk bag with you wherever you go so you can share with acquaintances, coworkers, and family members throughout the day — but don’t forget to save some for yourself!

Because of their brilliant colors and appealing JOLLY RANCHER wrappers, these fruit candies make the perfect candy bowl display all year. They make fantastic holiday stocking stuffers, Easter basket fillers, Valentine’s Day party favors, and Halloween trick-or-treat bags.

JOLLY RANCHER hard candy is the treat for you if you want a small candy with a huge taste to keep your taste buds occupied during movie evenings, lunch breaks, and snack breaks.

6. LIFE SAVERS Hard Candy 5 Flavors

LIFE SAVERS Hard Candy 5 Flavors, 50-Ounce Party Size Bag

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  • LIFE SAVERS 5 Flavor Hard Candy comes in a 50-ounce party size bag.
  • LIFE SAVERS Hard Candy comes in a variety of flavors, including cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange, and pineapple.
  • Fruity LIFE SAVERS Hard Candies will brighten up candy buffets and piatas.
  • LIFE SAVERS Hard Candy should be kept in the office pantry.
  • Perfect for movie night treats and parties.

Size of the Gathering
Fill the office candy dish or the cupboard with everyone’s favorite fruity treats. To make any occasion extra delightful, order a party size bag.

Size of the Group
The best parts of life are supposed to be shared with others. Share the tropical flavor of LIFE SAVERS iconic candy with your friends, family, and employees.

Rolls of Candy
Keep a great assortment of fruity delights on hand at all times. LIFE SAVERS Candy Rolls include cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange, and pineapple, among other flavors.

Office Candy in Bulk
Individually wrapped LIFE SAVERS Fruity Candy should be kept in the office pantry or breakroom. These firm candies are tasty snacks that coworkers and teammates can enjoy at any time.

Treats for a Fun Party
With fruity goodness, celebrate birthdays, graduations, and ordinary events. When you buy a sharing size bag, you can share the delicious delight with your friends and family.

Flavor for On-the-Go
It’s impossible to predict where the open road will take you. Take LIFE SAVERS Hard Candy with you for a burst of fruity flavor on the go.


Original 5 Flavors Hard Candy, you can enjoy your favorite classic candy delight. Each bag contains enough hard candy pieces to share with friends, family, or coworkers, and features the iconic cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange, and pineapple fruit tastes.

With this party-size bag loaded with delectable, fruity LIFE SAVERS Hard Candy, the possibilities are unlimited. Fill piatas and office candy bowls with these individually wrapped fruit-flavored sweets, or keep some LIFE SAVERS Hard Candy at your desk for an afternoon pleasure.

7. Spree Candy – Original Spree Candy Bulk

Spree Candy – Original Spree Candy Bulk – Delicious Fruit Spree Hard Candy – Unwrapped Original Sprees for Kids and Grownups - Big Pack of Candy for Halloween, Parties, Pinatas – 5lbs

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  • Forget about your sweet tooth: this bulk candy binge is a delectable treat that will transport you back in time! This fruity, airy, and highly delicious spree candy is the perfect sweet tooth cure.
  • What You Get: Our collection includes the original Sprees candy in 5-pound bags. Grape, lemon, lime, cherry, and orange are all included in each bag. You get to sample each flavor and color before deciding on your favorite.
  • Value Pack: Purchasing our spree hard candy in quantity means you’ll receive the same great taste for less money! Each bag contains carefully selected candy in heat-sealed bags, ensuring that it remains fresh and delicious.
  • Make Use of Them on Special Days: For Halloween, party favors, candy bars, and pinatas, these hard candies are a terrific choice. You can also keep a few in the candy bowl on your desk and distribute them with coworkers and friends.
  • Your Loved Ones Will Be Surprised: Get one of our hard candy bags for yourself or as a thoughtful present for your loved ones! Surprise them with a bag of unique sprees and instantly put a smile on their faces!

We are dedicated to reintroducing you to the original confectionery that made your childhood so memorable. Our company offers superior candy bulk bags that allow you to indulge in a delicious treat and relive a nostalgic moment from your childhood while also introducing your children to a traditional dessert that they will never turn down.

No exception is made when it comes to our classic spree sweets. These binge chew candies are a dream come true for the kid in you, with a fruity and incredibly delightful flavor. Any sweet appetite can be satisfied with our superior spree candy bulk bag.

Grape, lemon, lime, cherry, and orange are among the rainbow colors and flavors found in each big bag. The hard shell is satisfying to chew on, allowing you to savor the delicious crunch with each bite. Our grape candy bulk is perfect for parties, Halloween, and pinatas, but it’s also a delicious snack to enjoy with family and friends.

8. Butterscotch Candy Buttons

Butterscotch Candy Buttons - 3Lb Bag of Individually Wrapped Hard Candy - Bulk Family Size

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  • Yummy and tasty! Snackadilly’s freshly packaged
  • Colombina confections produces 3 pounds of delicious butterscotch candy.
  • Artificial flavors, artificial colors: FD&C red #40, yellow #5, BHT, sugar, corn syrup, salt, soy lecithin, artificial flavors, artificial colors: FD&C red #40, yellow #5, BHT
  • Per bag, there are roughly 234 butterscotch discs.
  • Excellent flavor! Exceptional value!

We stock the freshest and best-tasting sweets for all of life’s sweet celebrations at Snackadilly! Sharing sweets with others is a wonderful way to brighten someone’s day!

We also have sugar-free confectionery for people who want to cut carbs from their diet. We make our many various candy kinds at our state-of-the-art packaging plant. Today is a beautiful and sunny day!

9. Brach’s Peppermint Star Brites Mints Hard Candy

Brach's Peppermint Star Brites Mints Hard Candy (5 Pounds)

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  • BRACHS HARD CANDY: Whether it’s Star Brite Peppermint Candy, sweet and spicy cinnamon, old fashioned butterscotch, root beer barrels, lemon drops, or any other hard candy, Brachs makes everyday moments memorable.
  • BRACHS BULK CANDY: Whether you need individually wrapped bulk candy for party favors, bulk gummy candy for a crowd, or bulk chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth, Brachs Candy has you covered.
  • MAKE ANY DAY SWEETER: From kids’ birthday parties or gift bags, to Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters or Christmas candy canes, to a sweet treat in the middle of a hectic day, Brachs makes every day sweeter.
  • BRACHS MADE TO SHARE: From classic hard candy to sugar-free chocolate to gummy candy, Brachs Candy has something to satisfy everyone’s sweet craving. Make your memories sweeter by sharing a little or a lot.

Bring your taste buds back to life with the refreshing flavor of Brachs Star Brites Peppermint Candy. Brachs Star Brites, which are made with real peppermint oil and individually wrapped, are the perfect Christmas treat to share with family and friends this season.

As a result of Brachs’ decades of experience in the confectionary sector, the company has developed a diverse line-up of candies that will appeal to a wide range of palates. Celebrate the historic occasion. It’s time to acknowledge the obvious. Throw a party for the frivolous. Whatever happens in life, there’s always a good reason to break out the Brach’s.

10. Colombina Strawberry Bon Bon Delights

Colombina Strawberry Bon Bon Delights - 2 lbs of Individually Wrapped Assorted Fresh Sweet Bulk Candy with Refrigerator Magnet

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  • Colombina Strawberry Delight- 2 lbs. of bulk packaged strawberries from Colombia. Quality candy that is both fresh and delicious. Strawberry flavor that lasts a long time
  • Purchase in bulk to get the most value for your money! – Individually wrapped candies that are freshly made
  • Packaging that is convenient for on-the-go use. Lunchbox snacks, pocket snacks, treat bags, and birthday party snacks are all possibilities.
  • Repackaged items may include milk, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat and any other allergies that may be present in the facility where they are produced.
  • The Emporium Candy Logo is a little refrigerator magnet that is included with each purchase.

Colombina Strawberry Delight- 2 lbs. of bulk packaged strawberries from Colombia. Quality candy that is both fresh and delicious. Strawberry flavor that lasts a long time Purchase in bulk to get the most value for your money! – Individually wrapped candies that are freshly made.

factors to consider when buying the Best Hard Candy

  • Icon

When buying candies, look for brands. We will provide them with safe packaging and good quality. Consumer goods should never be compromised on quality, especially sugar-free candy. Be sure to buy diabetes-safe products from certified brands when you have diabetes.

  • Sugarless

Before buying sugar-free candy, make sure you read the ingredients. There are some sugar-free products that aren’t exactly sugar-free. While examining the ingredients, you should look for words such as low glycemic index, or out of carbs.

There are several sugar-free sweeteners that contain no calories or carbs, such as erythritol and stevia, but these sweeteners don’t all have zero calories. Additionally, they are sugar-free and harmless.

  • Choose

For a variety of options, try shopping for sweets as well as sugar-free cookies, cakes, or other sweets from a variety of shops. Look for websites that offer sugar-free products and are specifically designed to cater to diabetic and weight-watching customers. As a result, you will save time and effort searching for a specific product and the entire process will go much faster. 

  • Deals and Offers

You can save money by using the coupons, deals, and items available on the website to make your candy much more affordable and pocket-friendly, so make sure you check out all the options there.

  • Nutrients

The nutritional aspect of these sugarless candies is the most important to discuss first. Obviously, most people do not consume sugar in order to have a healthier lifestyle; however, many of these sweets aren’t as healthy as they appear.

You should always look at the ingredients list when choosing a candy. Keeping track of how your body reacts to these products is also important.

  • Calories Consumed

Hard candies without sugar have the misconception that they are calorie-free. Often sugar-free versions contain just as many calories as sugar-containing versions. The candy’s size plays a major role in this. Hard candies containing sugar are generally much larger than sugar-free versions.

Therefore, sugar-free candies have fewer calories compared to regular candies (with the same weight and size); however, when the sizes are bigger, the calories equalize and the calories remain the same.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hard Candy

1. What does “Hard Candy” mean?

Pedophiles use the term on the internet as slang. Hard candy is what they call girls under the age of 16. The producer also wanted to create the feeling of “sugar and spice.” He wanted to combine harsh roughness with innocence and vulnerability.

2. Hard candy manufacturing equipment can you tell me how much production capacity it has?

Hard candy-making equipment can have varying capacities depending on how it is designed. For instance, candy-making machines that are manually operated have a lower production capacity than those that are semi-automated.

3. First created in an unknown time period, when did Werther’s Original first appear?

Value her, Germany was the site in 1909 of this tragic event. When Gustav Nebel was at the peak of his career, that was where he created the perfect candy. The now globally famous products were created out of fresh cream, butter, brown sugar, refined white sugar, and salt.

4. What country do you manufacture your products in?

We use only the finest ingredients in our products.

5. Chocolate blooms because of what?

Chocolate can bloom (develop white streaks or spots) when exposed to extremes of temperature. The incorrect temperature will cause chocolate to bloom. Chocolate will also bloom if it is poured correctly, then exposed to heat, then allowed to cool.

6. The candy is wrapped in what way?

There is very little technology involved in the wrapping process. Chocolate is placed in the foil and pressed around the piece of candy for foiled candies. Our hand-burnishing process then highlights the details in each piece. With the help of an iron, the chocolate wrapped in cellophane is sealed within a cello bag of the appropriate size.


A selection of the best hard candies is available at Best Hard Candy. We provide a variety of different flavors for your enjoyment, including sour apple and pineapple ices to name just two! No matter which flavor you are in the mood for, we have it here! Explore our website today to see what else we currently offer.

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