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Best Grilling Planks Reviews

Looking for some best grilling planks for preparing your favorite recipes? You have come to just the right place. Here, we are going to exhaust this topic and in so doing, grant you the insight you need for the best selection job. We shall also examine a couple of frequently asked questions regarding the issue.

For a start, the grilling planks are simply platforms on which you place your food to be grilled. They are mostly made of cedar and a couple of other hardwoods. You may also serve your food on these planks at the conclusion of the preparation exercise.

Top Picks : 5 Best Grilling Planks

What Is A Cedar Plank & Grill Planking

As the name suggests, a cedar plank is simply a block of wood that is derived from the cedar tree. This wood has some excellent attributes. It is soft in nature, allows the heat to flow through easily, rarely sustains some burns, and also retains heat for a long duration of time.

Best Grilling Planks Reviews

In light of these, the plank allows you to grill and prepare dishes well. This is because it shields your recipes from likely sustaining any adverse burns. At the same time, it ensures that the interior of your recipes is impacted wholly. Definitely, they are available in many shapes and sizes.

Grill planking is the use of the planks for the purposes of grilling your recipes. This method of cooking comes along with certain superior advantages. Chief among these is the low microwave and harmful radiations. The reason here is that wood fuel is devoid of these otherwise harmful radiations.

Also, the foods that are prepared atop these planks are more thoroughly cooked. That is because they come to direct contact with the heat source. Thorough cooking means no possibilities of food poisoning and other problems which arise out of half-cooked foods.

Best Grilling Planks Reviewed 2022

1. Cedar Grilling Planks – 12 Pack

Cedar Grilling Planks - 12 Pack

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Wanting to grill a huge quantity of food at a time? If you are intent on doing just that, we suggest these planks. They are 12 in number and will definitely be of aid to you. With these planks, it is possible for you to handle gourmet recipes as well.

The surfaces of the planks are textured for providing a firm grip on your recipes. This, in turn, yields some extra smoke which inevitably leads to added flavor to your food. Who would not want to derive extra benefits from a set of planks at a time?

Lastly, the planks do feature upgraded thicknesses. They each measure 5.5 inches wide by 11.00 inches long by 1/3 thick.

Expect them to trap and retain heat for longer hours than the ordinary kinds of planks would naturally do. This, of course, means better cooking outcomes on average. Your dishes will feature greater tastes too!

Positive Side

  • Perfect gifts for many home applications
  • Generates pure cedar smoke flavor
  • Backed by excellent customer service
  • Handles many kinds of recipes at a time
  • Negates the need for purchasing many planks at a time

Negative Side

  • Intended for one-time use only

2. Primal Grilling Premium Cedar Planks for Grilling

Premium Cedar Planks for Grilling | Thicker Design for Moister & More Flavorful Salmon, Steaks, Seafood & More | More Uses Per Cedar Plank | Free Recipe Card | Just Soak, Grill & Serve | 5 Pack

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If you are a restaurateur, you might want a universal plank. Such a plank ideally has to be able to handle numerous recipes at a time. Well, this is the one we would recommend that you try your hand on. That is because it can handle meats, vegetables, and fish pretty well.

It comes along with a thicker design which as we already know, does trap heat and moisture well. Your use of this plank is hence a good way of adding more flavor to your salmon and other recipes you might want to handle. In fact, this plank is particularly great for seafood.

In all, the plank exudes some premium quality indeed. That is because it comes in the form of the Western Red Cedar. Its construction is completely natural and devoid of any harmful chemicals.

Moreover, the plank is also kiln-dried to let it absorb as much water as possible.

Positive Side

  • Resists the growth of molds and absorbs water better
  • Planed and molded for great texture and uniform shape
  • Unlikely to tear your food during cooking
  • Comes along with a storage bag for your cooking essentials
  • Lasts longer than the ordinary thinner planks

Negative Side

  • Takes up more mounting space

3. Coastal Cuisine Cedar Grilling Planks

Coastal Cuisine Cedar Grilling Planks, Simply Soak, Smoke, & Serve- Designed for Moist & Flavorful Fish, Meat, and Veggies – Add Sweet-Smoky Flavor to your Grilling Favorites, 7x16” Set of 8

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Are you short on time or operate on too squeezed a schedule? If you are, then we ask you to use this plank for your grilling needs and outcomes. The reason behind this is that you will soak it for only 30 minutes. You also need not clean it too much.

Using this plank, it is possible for you to create memorable meals indeed. That is because the plank can handle a range of recipes. Examples of these include poultry, pork, beef, ribs, salmon, and vegetables. You hence get to enjoy so much more benefits by purchasing this plank.

The plank itself is rather compact in size. It measures only 7 inches wide by 16 inches long. You may slot in whichever limited storage space is available to you. This compact size also comes in handy while transporting the plank to distant locations. It hardly imposes any strains on you.

Positive Side

  • 100% consumable and recyclable.
  • Works well in many sources of heat or fuel
  • Produces some sweet-smoky flavor to your foods
  • Enhances and improves the aroma of your barbecued vegetables
  • Can impact many kinds of recipes

Negative Side

  • Subsequent reuse may unhygienic

4. Wildwood Grilling – 6 Grilling Plank Variety Pack

Wildwood Grilling Small Grilling Planks Sampler - 6-Flavor Variety Pack - Cedar, Alder, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Red Oak - 5'x8'


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Are you mindful of your health and the quality of the foods you prepare? If you are, it is impossible for you to gamble with the plank you set your hands on. We ask you not to waste your time with any other plank but instead try this one out.

On the whole, this plank is a smart and healthy choice. You may even use it to light some bonfires as well! Unlike the ordinary planks, it comes about with six different kinds of flavor options. It is upon you to choose the flavor option which you deem appropriate for your course.

Its benefits do not end there. That is because you may also choose the kind of wood you want. The plank is made of red oak, maple, cherry, hickory, alder, and western cedar. Each of these kinds of woods has its own unique advantages which you might want to explore.

Positive Side

  • Purely natural wood
  • Contains no additives or chemicals
  • Only all-natural American timber
  • Made and inspected in a food-safe facility
  • Will not introduce debris or sawdust to your foods

Negative Side

  • Imposes too much clutter to your kitchen

5. Western Cedar Grilling 8 Cedar LONG Grilling Planks

10 Cedar Grilling Planks (8 Extra Long + 2 Bonus Short Planks!) - Perfect for Salmon, Fish, Steak, Veggies and More. Made in USA! Re-use Several Times. Fast Soaking.

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Do you intend to grill and prepare multiple dishes at a time? If you do, you do not have to purchase multiple planks to do the job. Indeed, it is possible for you to handle many kinds of recipes ‘under one roof. ‘This you can only do if you place your hand on this specific plank.

It measures the impressive 15 inches long by 5.25 inches wide by 3/8 inches thick. This undoubtedly is the best size for multiple grilling. Further, the grill is so designed to allow for faster and better-saturated water absorption tasks. This translates to cleaner and better cooking outcomes.

All factors considered, you may use this plank to grill many kinds and varieties of meals. These include fish, meat, vegetables, chickens, steak, and salmon, to mention but a few! While at it, the outcomes will often be tender and to great perfection indeed.

Positive Side

  • Improves the flavor and aroma of your foods
  • Handles professional cooking undertakings too!
  • Yields some extra flavor which is lacking on other planks
  • You may reuse it a couple of times
  • Faster soaking means less time wasted on your part

Negative Side

  • Improper handling may pose some injuries

6. Wood Fire Grilling Co. Grilling Planks

Wood Fire Grilling Co. Bulk 30 Pack Cedar Grill Planks - 5x11 for Salmon, Chicken, Fruits & Veggies

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Are you short on cash yet would still want to enjoy the great benefits of the best grilling planks? Worry not! It is indeed possible for you to enjoy the selfsame awesome benefits which the pricier versions do confer. Only be careful that you choose this, and no other plank.

It is on the whole 66% cheaper than most other planks. Its benefits do not just end there. Indeed, the plank is splinter-free. This stems from the fact that it is sanded to yield some smooth and grill-ready finishing. You hence are spared of the slivers and splinters in your food.

Utmost care has also been taken while formulating this plank. The plank lacks any toxins and other harmful chemicals. The reason behind this is that it is constructed using only natural materials.

You also stand to accrue some faster cooking outcomes not to mention adding some décor to your room.

Positive Side

  • Works well in ovens, grills, and smoking appliances
  • First 2-4 servings per planks and at any given time
  • Available in multiple shapes and sizes
  • Yields some gourmet cooking outcomes
  • May handle many varieties of cooking

Negative Side

  • Lacks some vital parts and components

7. SKOOUM Gourmet Pacific Cedar Grill Planks

Gourmet Pacific Cedar Grill Planks - (6 Pack 14' x 7' x 3/8')

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It is not uncommon for the salmon to leap and fall into the fire during the cooking exercise. If and when this happens, the end results may never be desirable. That is why you want to avoid such an eventuality at all costs. Only a spacious plank of this kind may come to your rescue.

This plank is sufficiently large enough. It measures an impressive 14 inches long by 7 inches wide by 3/8 inches deep. As such, it is large enough to prevent your salmon from falling into the fire while being grilled.

You will hence stand to gain the best outcomes imaginable. In its entirety, the plank is manufactured using all-natural Pacific Northwestern cedarwood. It comprises some 6 planks in one.

For this reason, the plank guarantees you some 5-star quality mouth-watering outcomes. You will truly enjoy the meals as will the rest of your family.

Positive Side

  • Adds some subtle flavors of the cedars to your food
  • Will make your family members and friends come back asking for more
  • Can impact many kinds of dishes and flavors
  • Yields some satisfactory outcomes
  • Long lasting for repeated use

Negative Side

  • Getting rid of the mess after use may also be trick
  • Being too many, transportation may be difficult

8. Cameron Products Grilling Planks

Grilling Planks - 8 Pack Cedar - Premium 5.5 x 11.5 Western Cedar for Barbecue Salmon, Seafood, Steak, Burgers, Pork Chops, Vegetables and More!

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If you are a professional or aspiring professional chef, you cannot settle on any plank randomly. You absolutely have to choose one which is similarly intended for professional outcomes. This is the one that comes in handy for such applications. Its manufacturer, Cameron, has been in existence for 25 years now.

With this experience and expertise, expect its range of products to similarly be top-notch. This particular plank is 8-in-1. This is because there are actually 8 small planks that are packaged into one whole. Each sub-plank is thick enough to trap and retain as much heat as possible.

You will subsequently find this set of planks vital for barbecuing a range of recipes. These include but are not limited to pork chops, vegetables, burgers, steaks, seafood, salmon, and many more.

This is not to mention that their outcomes are also higher on the whole.

Positive Side

  • Comprehensive in scope
  • Roasts food slowly as to allow for great flavors
  • May be used three times before eventual disposal
  • Smoother and adds extra flavor to your recipes
  • Thicker for better heat retention and added flavor

Negative Side

  • Takes moderately longer to yield required outcomes

9. Wood Fire Grilling Company XL Large Cedar Grilling Planks

XL Large Cedar Grilling Planks (20 Pack) - 7x15 - Fits Full Filet of Salmon + Free Recipe eBook

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For your convenience, while meeting the needs of whole families, you want one plank that can handle all that quantity at a time. Of all the planks under our consideration, none comes even close to this one. That is because it can comfortably prepare enough food for 4-6 servings at a time.

The reason is mainly that it measures 7 inches wide by 15 inches long. Thanks to this space, it provides enough room to handle even the giant King Salmon fish! It is also made of Western Red Cedar timber which is long lasting and firm enough.

Your use of this plank is a sure way to accrue healthy and moist entrees. That is because it traps plenty of heat, releases the heat in small batches to deliver some slow cooking outcomes.

As such, the outcomes of your cooking are healthier, moist and full of flavor indeed.

Positive Side

  • Big enough to handle 4-6 servings comfortably
  • Manufactured in a clean and food-certified facility
  • Contains no additives or chemicals
  • Untreated and delivers natural smoke flavor
  • Usable in the oven and the grill

Negative Side

  • May inflict burns if not handled carefully

10. Bridgewater Gourmet Cedar Planks for Grilling – Cedar BBQ Grilling Planks Quick Soaking

Bridgewater Gourmet Cedar Planks for Grilling - Cedar BBQ Grilling Planks Quick Soaking

Buy on Amazon

Do you want to impress your family and members of your household? If you want, cook them some food which also contains enhanced flavor. This is the grilling plank to employ for the job. It is so designed to add some extra smoking flavor to your meals.

Prior to using the plank for grilling, you will definitely have to soak it. However, the entire duration for soaking this one is too small. It is a paltry 15 minutes. This eliminates the need to wait for too long to be able to operationalize the plank. You end up spending the extra time on other chores.

By all accounts, this Bridgewater gourmet cedar BBQ grilling plank is thinner than most others. Its thickness measures only 0.19 inches. For this reason, the plank soaks in the water much faster than most others would do. The benefits of this range from faster cooking time, limited fatigue, and less effort.

Positive Side

  • Manufactured of sustainable products
  • Guarantees your satisfaction
  • Flavors your foods over and above grilling them
  • Made of a reputable brand
  • Holds more recipes at a time

Negative Side

  • Cannot handle too thick recipes

How To Choose The Right Grilling Planks

As stated above, these grilling planks come in varied shades and sizes. Finding the right one may hence not be really that easy a task. We devote this segment of our discussion to the factors which you must adhere to if you want the best outcomes imaginable.

  • Species

These planks may be derived from many tree species. Examples of these are cedar, maple, alder, cherry, oak, and apple. Of these, the cedar stands out as the most reliable species. That is because the outcomes of its grilling yields are unprecedented. Do prioritize it in your search for the best plank.

Best Grilling Planks

  • Desired Size

How much of the plank do you require for your grilling? Definitely, you must strike a balance between the size of the plank and the quantity of food you have in mind. A good plank has to be able to handle and accommodate all the foods you are intent on preparing.

  • Quantity of Food

Closely related to the above is the quantity of food you have in mind. Obviously, the quantity of food has a direct bearing on the size of the plank you might choose. Select a larger plank if you have more food to prepare and vice versa.

  • Intended Frequency of Use

How often do you plan to make use of your plank? Is it for one-time use only or do you plan to do so repeatedly? If you want to grill recipes every now and then, you have to look for a plank that is weighty and more durable.

Best Cedar Planks

  • Temperature Rating

Different planks have different abilities to bear temperatures. Some may only bear lower temperatures. Others though can indeed bear higher temperatures on the whole. You should yet again strike a balance between the temperature ratings of the plank. Choose one which can handle your recipes appropriately.

  • Heat Source

Just like the temperature levels, different planks may handle different sources of heat. All planks though may work well with the normal wood fuel. Yet again, you have to see to it that the one you have in mind can work well with the source of heat you have at your disposal.

Cedar Plank and Grill Planking
  • Entire Duration of Use

For how long do you intend to grill your recipes? Is it only for a limited duration of time or an extended duration? By answering these two questions, it will be possible for you to arrive at that plank that is most likely to yield you the reliability you require.

What Types Of Wood Should You Use While Planking?

As noted above, you may use different kinds of woods for your planks. Below are the top kinds of wood you might consider:

Types Of Wood planks

1. Cedar

This is by far the most reliable kind of wood. The outcomes it produces are impeccable. Many have noted that it also retains heat much better than the other kinds of woods do. This is not to mention that it also lasts longer. You have to place it atop all your preferred kinds of wood.

2. Maple

Maple is yet another deciduous hardwood tree. Being a hardwood, it traps and retains heat better. Further, it also endures many agents of deterioration like scratches, abrasions, and termite infestations.

These combine to make it a reliable choice for your grilling needs. Unfortunately, it is only limited to North America.

3. Alder

If you want to achieve much more than grill your recipes, the alder is the plank to go for. It does generate some smoke outcomes which may add some flavor and aroma to your recipes. Being a hardwood, this kind of plank also lasts long enough to allow for repeated use.

4. Cherry

Though mostly used for making furniture, this one may also be used for plank grilling. It is hardwood and as such retains heat well. Further, it also delivers great grilling outcomes by reasons of dissipating the trapped heat slowly and progressively. Some sub-species may also add flavor and aroma to your food.

5. Oak

Are you a frequent and regular griller of food? If you are, the oak tree is yours for the taking. It is by far the most durable. For this reason, it is more likely to yield you years of repeated use and applications. The quality of its outcomes is also fairly superb by all accounts.

6. Apple

Lastly comes the apple tree. It is also a hardwood deciduous tree which is similarly great for grilling. Its major strength lies in the fact that it is commonly available. On the flip side, it does not last as long. You will, therefore, have to acquire a new one at the onset of each grilling session.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grilling Planks

Q. Are grilling planks reusable?

Ans: YES, they are! Most of them are derived from durable hardwood. This means they do not entirely lose value after first use as is the case with their softwood counterparts. Furthermore, it is also possible for you to use them in other non-cooking applications as well.

Before reusing these planks for whatever purposes, you have to be certain that they are in good shape and condition. That is because they do weaken with each use. If you do not carry out the necessary due diligence, you might end up jeopardizing the lives of those impacted by them.

Q. Can I use any cedar plank for grilling?

Ans: YES, you can! Of all the various kinds of timbers that you might use for grilling, the cedar stands tall as the most reliable. This is evidenced by its awesome heat retention capabilities and that ability to withstand higher temperatures. Indeed, any subspecies will do you just fine.

Irrespective of the one you settle for, you have to follow some due diligence before using these planks. Be sure to wash and disinfect the planks thoroughly before going ahead to make use of them. You do not want to predispose yourself to the risks of intoxication or food poisoning.

Q. How do you clean cedar planks on a grill?

Ans: You have to start off by blowing out any debris and dust. Use your normal dust blower for this job. Next, soak the cedar plank in some clean water for 2-4 hours. Thereafter, use some clean piece of cloth to get rid of the slightest residues of dirt.

While at it, scrape off any remnants of food from the previous cooking session. Once you are done, rinse thoroughly in some clean preferably running water for around an hour. Remember, never use any soap in the process. You do not want to contaminate your planks with soap particles.

Q. Are cedar planks treated?

Ans: To be able to last long when stored, it is necessary to treat the cedar planks. This is to prevent them from warping, shrinking, cracking, or sustaining insect infestations. However, the kind of treatment items and materials you use can make or break the situation. That is because some have been noted to jeopardize your food.

Insist only on those natural and biodegradable treatment materials. They are less likely to contaminate your cedar poles. Instead, they will offer appropriate protection which is vital for long-term use and applications. Remember to also store them farther away from other common dangers as well.

Q. Can you cook on a cedar plank in the oven?

Ans: YES, you can! We have stated severally that cedar has the ability to withstand some pretty high-temperature levels. As a matter of fact, some can withstand a whopping 325°F (165°C). This makes such planks usable on the ovens as well. Kindly note though that not all planks may withstand this level.

You have to be certain that the plank you have in mind is indeed capable of reaching this temperature level. This can only happen if you purchase your pole from a specialized store. Let the storekeeper know well in advance that you intend to use yours in an oven.

Q. Are cedar planks safe for cooking?

Ans: YES, they are! Generally speaking, the cedar is non-toxic in nature. They are less likely to poison your recipes and jeopardize your own life. Further, they have some excellent heat retention capacities.

This makes them safer for your handling and engagement of the cooking process. It also yields comparatively great cooking outcomes.

What’s more? The cedar planks do also add some aroma and flavor to your cooking. The smoke they produce, when combined with the flavor of your food, brings about a nice smelling combination indeed. Why would you even ask such a question a second or a third time?

Q. How long will a cedar plank last?

Ans: With proper care and maintenance and assuming moderate use, a good cedar plank will last you 5 years, give or take. Cedar indeed outlasts many other kinds of woods. This is especially the case if it is treated and taken good care of after each use.

In the course of cooking, it is not uncommon to hit or bang your cedar on the floor. You are highly advised to refrain from doing this. That is because you get to diminish its life expectancy each time you do so. Only exercise some moderation as you go about the use of these planks.


We have kept our promise. We have furnished you with just about every information you require to make a suitable purchase. The ball is now squarely on your court. It is now up to you to find the best grilling planks from the list we have exhausted above. As always, we wish you all the best in your subsequent search.

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