Best Energy Juices

Best Energy Juices And Raw Food To Jumpstart Your Day

Morning meals are the most important meals of the day and we often tend to eat something that is tasty for breakfast. This should be counted as the principle meal as this one gives us nutrients to run the day and also it is the first thing out body has after a long time of starvation.

There are a few situations that occur when you go to the workplace without having a whole sum breakfast.

  • Due to our hectic schedules and busy lifestyle, we hardly take any time to concentrate on such vital a meal. We rush for our coffee and then we start for our office, which is a bad way to start an energetic day.
  • Due to the lack of food in our system, we start feeling lazy soon after the first few hours at the office. This happens due to the lower sugar level in our blood which is related to lower energy level.  The proper breakfast prohibits all these symptoms and we get a fully energized body to finish all the work in the right time and with the right motivation.
  • Missing a proper breakfast takes its toll on our body in other ways. You may not feel the pang of hunger in the early morning before going out for office, but later in the day, you will feel so hungry that you will be compelled to munch on junk and fried foods. That will be the worst thing for the body as the processed sugar intake will be higher and the metabolism will slow down.
  • Taking tea and coffee often when you are not having enough time to munch on something is another side effect of not having a proper breakfast. Caffeinated drinks do suppress the hunger but that is not a healthy thing. Taking caffeinated drinks at the time of hunger affects your health in a bad way.

We often think coffee is a necessary thing in the morning as it will help us to stay awake and rejuvenated during the working hours, and that is what we need to get going through the days. But the ill effect of caffeine is already documented so it is the high time you should start looking for alternatives of coffee to jumpstart your active day.

Best Energy Juices And Raw Food

There are so many raw foods and juice options to make the morning a bit different, so there are a few such options for raw food and juices listed below which will help you survive throughout the day with the vitamin, minerals and other nutrients quotient.

1. Energy Bars

You can make your own energy bar by following the numerous recipes. The energy bars save your time as you can munch on them quickly and start for the workplace.

Best Energy Juices And Raw Food
So Vegan

The most common ingredients in the energy bar are nuts, seeds and some raw vegetables thus you will get fibers, minerals and vitamins which boost your energy level. If you are a lover of fruits then you can add some fruits like oranges to make the bar tastier and enriched with vitamin C.

2. Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is one versatile kind of breakfast item and you can mix and match various items with it if you want to have it for the breakfast. Celery, apples or cucumber can be added with it for the tastier and healthier options.

These fruits contain a huge amount of water and so you can have a healthy breakfast by choosing chia pudding. You can make it the night before if you want to save time in the morning.

3. Beet and Celery Juice

This juice will make you feel instantly refreshed if you gulp it down in the morning. There is no one who does not swear by the health benefits of raw beetroot and celery is the magic vegetable to add the watery part of the diet. This one will provide you ample amount of fibers. You can make it tastier with a pinch of lemon and some salt.

Beet and Celery Juice

4. Citrus and Vegetables

You can mix and match the citrus fruits and vegetables to get good from both. Carrot and peppers are great to mix as both the ingredients contain a high amount of vitamins and minerals in this juice. This will boost your energy level within seconds.

5. Greens

As we all know by now, greens have numerous benefits for our health. You can take a salad or a glass of juice made from fresh raw vegetables of your choice, and it will fill your tummy as well as provide ample nutrition to your body. Options like kale, spinach, green apple and cucumber add to the energy boost and also makes your day an energetic one.

6. Pineapple and Peppermint Juice

This is a great combination for those who love to add health benefits with taste in their morning meal. This juice helps to hydrate your system after long hours of no water intake throughout the night. That is why the fatigue is eliminated from your system and you feel super active.

Pineapple and Peppermint Juice

7. Oatmeal

This is an excellent option to get the energy and also fill the tummy for hours. You will fill full till lunchtime as this fibrous meal takes longer to get digested. This is the best option for the ones who work for long hours and do not take a short break. You can add some nuts or raisins to add up to the taste and thus you will get a sumptuous meal out of oats in the morning.

8. Coconut Milk Smoothie

If you are allergic to lactic acid and cannot have milk in the breakfast, then you can opt for this smoothie. Coconut milk will add to the sweet sip and so you do not have to add sugar to this drink.

9. Blueberry Blend

Add some coconut water with spirulina, frozen banana and baby spinach with frozen blueberries and run the juicer for a minute. The yummy juice will satiate your thirst and also detox your system thoroughly.

Blueberry Blend
Dinner at the Zoo

10. Raw Granola

Raw granola is available in all health food shops so you can stock them up at home. You can mix it with fruits, seeds or nuts and a nutritious dish will be ready for your breakfast.

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