BCAA Capsules vs Powder

BCAA Capsules vs Powder

With the help of nutritional supplements, gaining muscle mass, boosting endurance, and improving workout performance can be easier to attain. Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) in the form of powder or capsules provide benefits for active people, fitness buffs, and athletes.

These include protein synthesis stimulation, reduction of fatigue, and facilitation of metabolic recovery. However, many people are not too sure which one to take. So in this article, we will compare BCAA capsules vs powder.

Types Of BCAAs

1. BCAA Powders

The most common way people take BCAAs supplements is through powder form. Back in the day, BCAA powders were unflavored. The taste was not that desirable.

BCAA Capsules vs Powder

Today, manufacturers of BCAA powders have come up with a wide variety of delicious flavors to make them easier to consume. Nowadays there are even BCAA’s geared towards women and BCAAs geared towards men.

2. BCAA Capsules/Pills

Another way to take BCAA supplements is through capsule or pill form. These products are not as common as their powder counterparts. This is because to get the recommended dosage of BCAAs, a person has to take lots of capsules or pills.

BCAA Capsules

Digestion time is also slower than BCAA powders. BCAA capsules also tend to be larger than most other supplements, making it a hassle to take them several times a day.

BCAA Capsules vs Powder: Which One Is Better?

In the head to head battle of BCAA capsules vs powder, many people prefer the powdered form. The reason being, in order to get the required dose and desired outcome, an individual has to consume anywhere between 5 grams and 20 grams of BCAA per day (depending on the fitness goals). And not too many people have the patience to swallow 5 to 20 capsules per day.

BCAA powder is more potent. It provides faster results, unlike capsules where the outer covering must be digested first. However, it is recommended that you go for flavored BCAA powders, as unflavored ones don’t taste too great.

BCAA powder is also more affordable than BCAA capsules. The only advantage of BCAA capsules is that it is convenient to bring and consume when you’re outside.

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